Marketing and Data services

Marketing and data services help to target communication and marketing

Improve your marketing effectiveness by directing your actions to the right target groups. We help to define and find new customers and profile your existing customers and customer potential more effectively.

- keep your customer data up-to-date

Up-to-date customer data is a prerequisite for functional customer relationship marketing and sales. We help you update your customer register either with a one-time update or with a continuous updating solution.


Enrichments are additional data linked to your customer database on an individual level. They help you know your customer better and serve them more individually. For example, enrichments can describe the demographic data or customer behavior.


Analytics Services provide help in the efficient exploitation of information in the planning and development of business.

Customer base profiling can create a detailed image of your customers, and rating models help you reach the best customer potential throughout Finland. Positioning data helps you create a detailed image of your company's competition, and our expert services help you in the efficient exploitation of information and data.