Invoice and Document sending

Messaging services enables the automated sending of invoices and documents

You can select specific delivery channels, or you can serve your customers with multichannel delivery. You will have a fast e-invoicing service, modern email solutions, traditional paper invoices, customized invoice messages, advanced printing services advanced printing services or any combination of these. Your customers will appreciate well-implemented communication at different stages of the customer relationship.


With the E-invoicing service, you can reach all your customers utilizing our multi-channel invoice delivery solution. The solution extracts your data from your ERP system, generates invoices, and sends them from a single point to your customers. Your customer will be invoiced in the channel they prefer and the service will give you a clear view of invoicing, whether an e-invoice or a PDF invoice. You benefit from up-to-date process monitoring and save on invoicing costs, while reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

– fast and cost-efficient on paper or electronically

Printing and distribution of the paper-based communications are handled in the iPost system. It's a fast and cost-effective solution for any kind of communication: sending invoices, payoffs, insurance information or marketing communications.

Whether you send hundreds or tens of thousands of letters in a month, you can reach your customers conveniently and cost-effectively using the iPost system. iPost is a viable solution for organizations of all sizes.


optimizes resources and saves costs

This additional iPost service reduces the time and cost of sending letters. Printer Driver saves resources, printing and mailing costs, reduces the company's carbon footprint, and facilitates compliance with the company's brand and communications strategy.

The Printer Driver is installed as a network printer for the corporate users, and letters can be sent through iPost standard production stream.


targeted information to supplement existing communication

Connect enables you to easily and quickly add valuable information for your customers by using your standardized document flows. Imagine upselling or answering your customers' questions in an invoice or creating space for your partners to add content into your communication streams all this can be done with Connect.

flexible printing service

Customized Print is a versatile printing service designed for effective customer communication to print black-and-white or color prints. In the service, the customer can choose the design, the material, attachments and the post-processing of the documents.

Whether you send invoices, pay slips, cargo books, newsletters or marketing messages, we will help you communicate with quality and timely delivery while saving time and money.

free electronic mailbox and archive online

OmaPosti is a free consumer service where people can receive mail and read it when they want. OmaPosti can receive invoices, wage slips and other documents, regardless of time and place, faster than printed letters.