Electronic document management and archiving

We digitize and streamline your workflows – automation of document management

Companies with document-intensive business processes still need to cope with manual phases in their document flows despite the advancements in digitalization. The processes that run on paper or require manual handling, searching and data entry slow down the workflow. This results in added costs and can considerably affect the quality and integrity of the entire process. 

In a modern business environment, you don’t have to settle for managing piles of paper. Posti Messaging offers comprehensive services and solutions to improve your organization’s document lifecycle end-to-end. With decades of experience in transforming our corporate customers’ paper based financial and business processes into digital, we are today the true strategic partner for the whole document process automation. For instance, companies that deal with application and approval processes or claim and errand handling can greatly accelerate the lead times of their processes and increase the accuracy and transparency of the respective decision-making. 

Multichannel receiving and sending of documents, highly automated tools for digitizing and capturing and interpreting data, and seamless, secure integration into relevant systems create a solid base for automating workflows, complemented by our solutions for electronic signatures and archiving. 


– satisfied end customers

We digitalize your document processes. This means more efficient business, a better overview of document management, increased time and cost savings. 

We ensure that digital document management is easy. No more forms that need to be printed for signing, no more missing papers and no more search for personal data. Your company greatly benefits from well-functioning digital workflows.


– archive documents electronically

eArchive enables the archiving of all documents in the same place. With an easy-to-use web interface, your document archiving runs quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively. 

eArchive increases productivity while reducing document management, archiving and searching costs.


– digitize your paper archives easily

Archive Scanning is a service that transforms an existing paper archive into a digital version. Papers are scanned and images are added to the metadata for the information to be easily found in an electronic archive.