Document receiving and digitizing

We help you digitize your document management

We serve businesses whose operations include the day-to-day receipt of documents in a variety of formats. Documents can be paper documents, emails, electronic order forms and claims for refunds, customer feedback or or other customer-related documents. 

We help you digitize the whole process –  practically automating your document management. Whether your documents are delivered to your business by paper, e-mail or web form, we take everything and transform the information into such a format that your business can take advantage of all the data and transfer it electronically, directly to the preferred target system. The data stored can be validated to maintain the quality of the data at a high level. 

For example, we will scan your paper documents for you, digitize them and archive them according to your requirements. The quality of your business data is improved and the discovery of information speeds up. Our multichannel design enables electronic delivery of documents regardless of the channel or the format



-> Receiving documents arriving by paper

Our digitization service converts paper data and transfers it to the digital process. 

You can address  all the paper mail to us. We scan the papers and save the data contained in the documents and transfer them to your required systems in an electronic format. 


-> Receiving documents delivered by email

Our digitization service converts incoming e-mail information and moves it into the digital process. 

You can control the incoming e-mail information, converting information into a format that will enable you to make the most of it in the data processing. We can extract data from both the e-mail text and the attachments. 


->Receiving documents sent via web forms

Our digitization service creates electronic forms which provide the digital process with quick and high quality data. 

We can create genuine web forms, for example from existing PDF forms. This way customers can fill in online information fully electronically. Forms can also be dynamic and the information filled in by the customer revises the form to require additional information. Customers can also sign the forms electronically and all data can be transferred to an electronic archive.