OpusCapita and Posti transforming to serve customers even better

OpusCapita is reorganizing its operations to improve its ability to be a trusted partner for customer organizations in the digital change.

During spring 2018, OpusCapita’s current Document and Transaction Processing business will be integrated as part of Posti Group’s service offering. The new Posti Messaging unit will focus mainly on B2C (business-to-consumer) customers, and serve them with invoice and document sending and receiving solutions, and debt collection. OpusCapita will focus on B2B (business-to-business) customers, and serve them with global solutions for procurement, invoice processing, cash management and financing.

Even if the corporate structure implementation will take place later, OpusCapita and Posti Messaging will operate as separate brands from January 1, 2018. OpusCapita and Posti Messaging will continue to work in close cooperation to serve mutual customers’ current and future needs.

The renewed OpusCapita will continue to enable B2B customers to sell more, buy easier, and pay smarter with our end-to-end solution for source-to-pay. Leveraging the latest automation technologies, OpusCapita supports customer organizations in the digital transformation of their finance and procurement processes.

By integrating the offering with Posti, the new Messaging Unit will be able to connect organizations in B2C business and public sector more efficiently with consumers, and bridge physical and digital invoice and document flows together. With this change, Posti Messaging can focus on developing their operations based on local partnerships and needs in the Scandinavian markets, and take an active role in shaping the digital services for the future.

This change will not require any actions from OpusCapita’s customers. The solutions and services we have provided you with in the past will continue uninterrupted.

With the reorganization, the contracts covering the B2B solutions need to be transferred to a new legal entity, OpusCapita Solutions. In Finland, also the contracts covering the B2C solutions need to be transferred to a new legal entity, Posti Messaging Oy, due to the way the legal corporate structure will be implemented within Posti Group. In Sweden and Norway, the B2C solutions will continue to be provided by the current contract party, only the name of the company will change.

If you have questions, please contact our customer service.